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Melissa Pausina: Music

Eluvio for string quartet

(performed by Momenta Quartet)
The Stone, New York, New York



I.   0:00
II.  3:13
III. 4:42
IV. 10:00

Momenta Quartet

Violin 1 Miranda Cuckson

Violin 2 Annalisia Place

Viola Stephanie Griffin

Cello Joann Lin

Eluvio, n. L flood, inundation. 
I lived in New Orleans my entire life before moving to Philadelphia a year before Katrina hit. I
began composing the string quartet, titled Eluvio, a week prior to the day the levees broke
flooding New Orleans and three generations of my families' homes. My only moment's reprieve
from the profound sense of loss shrouding my life during the months following Katrina was the

construction of my minds inner landscape via Eluvio. This is my indictment of realit

Eluvio, n. L flood, inundation.